Here are 10 tips that will ensure you have a comfortable outdoor living area. This is how you can make the best use of your outdoor living space.

1. Determine the Purpose of Your Outdoor Space

You should start by deciding exactly how you’ll use the space. Will it be a place you’re entertaining your friends and family or will be it a quiet, relaxing retreat? Do you need a roof or pergola for protection from the weather and other elements? Do you need a decorative screen for privacy?

Imagine yourself using the outdoor space. Will you go there for some quiet time on a comfortable lounge chair with a book? Will you hang out with your friends, cooking on the barbecue or cooking in the pizza oven? How much seating will you need and what type? What outdoor furniture style best suits your garden: a colourful contemporary, teak, or aluminium design?

2. Keep it Cosy

For chilly winter evenings, a collection of cosy throws placed near your outdoor space is thoughtful. You can also add an outdoor gas heater, bio-ethanol heater, and a fire pit can add to your enjoyment and comfort. You can create a great ambient atmosphere.

3. Decorate Using Outdoor Fabrics

You can add warmth and vibrancy to your outdoor space with colourful fabrics. However, it’s important to remember that outdoor furniture will be fully exposed to the elements. Make sure the outdoor furniture and cushions are upholstered in top quality outdoor fabrics.

We recommend finding furniture with 100% solution-dyed olefin or acrylic fibre. These fabrics are extremely resistant to fading caused by water, sunlight, or general atmospheric agents. The light fastness of these fabrics is 7 on a scale of 8. These fabrics are perfect for the sun room and garden furniture. The most highly recommended manufacturer for outdoor fabrics if Sunbrella.

You can find outdoor fabrics in a huge range of designs from elegant neutral designs to bold stripes. You can use fabric to incorporate bright colours into your outdoor living space. You can use a small decorative cushion, which will allow you to switch your colour scheme each season.

4. Cover up and Protect

If you don’t have shelter in your yard then you are rendering your outdoor space useless for many of the Australian Summer months. Put up a nice awning and for a little bit extra you can add outdoor blinds – these will protect your pergola area not only form the sun, but also from the wind and rain.

5. Protect and Store Cushions to Ensure They Have a Long Life

Outdoor cushions are made to withstand rain. However, after a downpour, when the sun comes out, you don’t want to sit on a saturated cushion. You can use a water safe cushion box to put your throw cushions in at the first hint of a storm. You can bring larger cushions inside when the weather gets cooler. For peace of mind, you can get fitted protective cushion covers to keep your cushions dry and clean.

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6. Use Running Water to Mask Some Unwanted Noise

If you hear a lot of noise from neighboring homes, and it prevents you from enjoying your outdoor living area then you should consider installing a small fountain. An outdoor water feature can help to gently mask noise and sound giving you a quieter more peaceful space.

7. Install A Few Outdoor Speakers

Instead of using running water, consider installing outdoor speakers. You can use soft music to camouflage the noises which may impinge upon the peaceful enjoyment of your outdoor living space. There are compact wireless speakers available for an affordable price.

8. Provide Shade

Mid-summer sun can turn your outdoor spaces into an unpleasant and hot oven. There are many different ways to add shade. You can use a pergola, lattice, sail cloth, or umbrella. Planting attractive shade trees is also a great option if you have space.

7 Tips That Help You Make the Most of Your Outdoor Living Space