They were only a bump in the beginning, but before an infant has even entered into the world, the first dilemma has to be faced by the parents – which is the nursery.

Part of you is thinking it is just temporary so there is no need to go overboard. However, the other part of you is thinking about how special your baby is, and how you want to do whatever it takes. Before you go out and spend a fortune, we want to show you three important pieces and provide you on some suggestions for three different nursery designs.


You are going to need a cot. Just choose whatever style you prefer. The important thing is to ensure that you invest in a quality mattress.

Change Table

Depending on how long your baby stays in his or her nappies – a change table should last around three years. Look for one that includes plenty of storage as part of its design.

Comfortable Chair

Make sure to not forget about mum. Having a comfortable chair is essential for feeding, specially when you have a newborn baby who needs to feed every two to four hours.

You now have your three essential pieces of furniture. So now here are three distinct nursery styles for you to consider to use:


This is a very gentle way for easing your baby into the world. There is a very nurturing and soft feel to a traditional nursery, from its white wicker furniture to its soft coloured walls (usually pastels). This particular look is all about providing your child with a safe haven and soothe his or her soul.


For parents who would like their nursery to be a reflection of the rest of their home, a modern style may be just right. A modern nursery is a no fuss, neutral space with an industrial-like edge to it. This room style is for those parents who are quite design conscious and want their baby’s room to be a reflection of the rest of their home.


A funky nursery is a colourful room with plenty of activity going on. It is full of texture and colour. The concept behind this decorating style is for your child to be stimulated, but you do not to be careful that you don’t over-stimulate your baby. You definitely want to avoid the colour red. Blues, on the other hand, are known to have a calming effect.

Tips For Planning Your Nursery